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The Grid and Other Places

Gridlined - The New Grid
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The explosion at the Portal did not destroy it; in fact, it opened the door to both worlds. Humans and programs can travel freely now between the Grid and the Real World... if they know the way. Time seems to have become distorted as well, causing humans and programs from all points along the Grid's development to be pulled into this medley. (Clu and the MCP plotting together? It's more likely than you think!)

1. Any character from any time period in the Tron canon is fair game. Duplicates, AUs, and OCs are all welcome.

2. Please create a tag for your character in the community. Format: Character name (screenname) Additionally, you can create tags for locations if you wish.

3. The setting can be anywhere on the Grid or in the Real World. The time period is post-Legacy, but the Portal explosion caused a few... ripples and backup copies tend to pop up. (For example, the End of Line Club can be back to its former glory.) Also, if you really feel like playing out a scene or timeline from earlier, feel free, just make it clear what's going on and who is free to tag in. The Portal is a giant plothole, so have fun with it.

4. Don't we all know this by now? Don't be a jerk. IC =/= OOC, play nice, be cool.

5. No godmodding. (Controlling another character's actions without their permission, using OOC knowledge IC-ly, etc.) If you're not sure what is allowed, ask the other player or a mod.

6. Please put a warning on non-worksafe material and place it behind a cut if it is in the main part of your post.

7. Any sort of tagging style is acceptable: prose, short action, dialogue... go with whatever you're most comfortable writing.

8. Have fun!

OOC COMM: grid_lined_ooc
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    ➠ Linds - survivethesiren - AIM: bettiebloodshed

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